Is a Workers Compensation Lawyer Needed to Handle Your Case?

July 19, 2019   |   by admin

A workers comp attorney can help if you’ve suffered injuries and illnesses at work or due to job duties. Having a lawyer on your side is always advisable, but there are some situations where an attorney may not be absolutely necessary. Whether you need a lawyer to help with a workers comp claim depends on many factors, including the severity of the injuries, the willingness of the employee to cover costs, and the complexity of the overall case.

You may not need a lawyer if your injuries are minor, if your employer accepts responsibility and covers the payment, if you miss little or no work hours due to the injuries, and there are no pre-existing medical conditions that could potentially have caused the new injury.

It may benefit you to speak to a workers compensation attorney oregon even when things seem simple enough. Even a simple situation can turn complicated very quickly. Once you have the advice presented from a lawyer, it’s much easier to ensure the best outcome at the end of the day. Of course, some workers compensation cases require the expertise that an attorney brings. A consultation can help determine if you need a lawyer or if you can fart through the matter alone.

When you have pre-existing conditions, if the employer denies fault or the claim itself, if you must take extended time off from work, or if the settlement amount doesn’t fully cover the medical bills or lost wages, don’t wait to get in touch with a lawyer. The lawyer understands workers compensation laws and how to help recoup the money needed for you to heal and become whole once again.

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No one wants to be injured on the job or deal with courts, lawyers, or other legal hassles. But it’s sometimes necessary when legal matters ensue. Keep the information above in mind and ensure that a lawyer is by your side in the time of need.